Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Dealership Management System Software

What is a dealer management system (DMS)?

A dealership management system is a system that allows dealerships to manage their sales, inventory, reports, parts, order fulfilment and customer service. However, not all dealership management systems are the same. 

 There is a new type of dealership management systems that are cloud-based and mobile as they allow dealerships owners to run their business from anywhere. 

For example, Blackpurl will allow a dealer to capture and consolidate all aspects of their dealership activity — inventory, sales, service, general merchandise, finance & insurance, warranty, and customer interaction — in a unified view, with pinpoint accuracy, from anywhere and in real-time.

Featuring smart order processing, intelligent inventory control and accounting integration, Blackpurl can show a dealer exactly how their business is performing in real-time and how to improve their productivity and their bottom line. 

Find our more about a dealership management by industry:

How can a dealership management system help me run my dealership?

A modern dealership management system gives you and your team the tools you need to run your business the way you want from any device, anywhere. It gives you total control and transparency across all departments including;

Sales – process orders and access information from the showroom floor.

Parts – see your inventory in real-time and order parts quickly and easily.

Service – automatically generate service reminders.

Accounts – enjoy real-time costing and seamless integration with Xero and Quickbooks.

Is a dealership management system hard to use?

It used to be, but not any more!

Traditional server-based dealership management systems often require extensive training, but Blackpurl is built on the same technology as your favorite apps. Our platform features simple tools and easy-to-use interfaces to help your team become more efficient and productive every time they use it. 

With prompts that show what action to take next, even if you’re not a technology expert, you can learn to use this system in hours rather than days. 

Can a dealer management system be used remotely?

It can when it’s in the cloud!

While server-based dealership management systems need a third-party client to communicate between a mobile device and their onsite software, Blackpurl’s dealership management system is entirely cloud-based.

That means wherever you are, you have the ability to access and manage every aspect of your dealership from a tablet or computer – all you need is data or an internet connection to run your dealership from the palm of your hand (literally).

All information across all departments is stored safely in the cloud, meaning you and your team can work seamlessly together, whether you’re at home, in a meeting, or on the sales floor with a customer.

How does a dealer management system help my customers?

Blackpurl gives your team the best tools in the industry to provide your existing client base with timely and attentive service, you can be sure of consistent repeat business and positive word of mouth about your dealership.

From the showroom floor to the parts department, good service creates happy customers and a healthier bottom line.

How does a dealership management system help my financial controller?

By upgrading to a dealer management platform like Blackpurl, your finance team will have all the tools to ensure your dealership runs smoothly and on-track.

Blackpurl integrates seamlessly with Xero and Quickbooks, making manual reconciliations a thing of the past and eliminating the need for paper documents. Furthermore, Blackpurl gives your finance department full transparency of customer orders, customer history and the sales process, allowing for accounting practices that are accurate, efficient and compliant.

Is Blackpurl a Dealership Management Software System?

Blackpurl is a dealership management software platform that does everything a traditional DMS does but with different and better processes. For example, you will be able to capture and consolidate all aspects of your dealership activity — inventory, sales, service, general merchandise, finance & insurance, warranty, and customer interaction — in a unified view, with pinpoint accuracy, from anywhere and in real-time. Featuring smart order processing, intelligent inventory control and accounting integration, this system can show a dealer exactly how their business is performing in real-time and how to improve their productivity and their bottom line.

The Difference Between Blackpurl and DMS

True Cloud VS Hosted

Blackpurl is built on Salesforce allowing dealers to forgo hosting servers on-site and gain that extra sense of security by moving their data to the cloud. Dealers also save money as a true cloud platform does not charge any additional fee to access.

Functionality VS Features

Blackpurl is focused on functionality and capabilities – not features. We’ve worked with dealers across the globe to understand their pain points and built a solution that allows users to perform tasks faster while not sacrificing accuracy. From selling a part to scheduling a repair and tracking a technician’s time a user can do it all with as few clicks as possible. 

Integrations VS All-In-Ones

Blackpurl is breaking down data silos and building a platform that easily connects the tech solutions that power a dealership. With strategic partnerships and open APIs, we’re creating best-in-class integrations that are changing the way dealers run their operations. 

Activations VS Go Lives

Today’s world runs off activations (less risky, fewer costs, and proven success). Historically the industry has focused on “Go Lives” and rightfully so. DMSs are difficult to use and require a ton of resources so selecting a Go Live date was a must, fortunately, those aren’t needed anymore.  

We’ve built out an extensive activation team to help dealers migrate over from their old dealership management system and get them using the system in days and weeks not months and, in some cases years. 

Moving systems is never easy, but with the proper documentation and process, we’ve removed the traditional “pain” associated with switching management solutions. Furthermore, we provide ongoing support and house a vast knowledge base that dealers can use anytime so they can find answers as needed. 

Technical Specifications & Platform Integrations ​

What kind of dealerships, shops, and store does Blackpurl serve?

Blackpurl serves a wide variety of independent dealerships in the: Powersports, Motorcycle, RV, Trailer, Golf Carts, Outdoor Power Equipment (OPE), and Livestock Feed & Supply store industries. 

Are there activations costs to get started?

There are no additional activation fees to get started with Blackpurl.

What departments does Blackpurl serve?

Blackpurl is your one-stop-shop for all your dealership’s sales, parts, service, reporting, and scheduling needs. We also offer best-in-class integrations with industry-leading accounting, CRM, and ecommerce solutions. 

How do you define a “technician” in your packages?

A technician is someone who is by job role, a technician only. That means they only need access to clock on and off and access the service order.

What type of data will Blackpurl import from my old DMS?

We will import customers, vendors, customer units, parts and unit inventory and set up Blackpurl’s accounting integration. The data must be provided in the required format template.

Where is Blackpurl hosted?

Blackpurl is hosted in the cloud and built on the $150Bn platform.

Is Blackpurl secure?

Blackpurl is built on Salesforce, giving you best-in-class computing power, security, and reliability.

Does Blackpurl work on tablets?

Yes, Blackpurl is cloud-based, meaning it can run on all of your devices including tablets.

What label printers is Blackpurl compatible with?

You can use several different types of label makers with Blackpurl. We have found the turbo versions print the fastest. 

  1. DYMO LabelWriter 450

  2. DYMO LabelWriter 450 Turbo

  3. DYMO LabelWriter 550

  4. DYMO LabelWriter 550 Turbo

Is there a scanning option for parts that immediately assigns it to a work order?
If you have an active Work Order, you may scan/ add parts at any time onto that work order until it has been fully invoiced/ finalized. Also with proper permissions, a Work Order can be re-opened.
How does Blackpurl send inventory by FTP feed to website providers?

We upload a CSV file to the customer’s FTP server at an agreed-upon frequency. The file can contain the Unit Make, Model, VIN and Pricing. Note: We CAN NOT perform more frequently than once per hour and ALL inventory is uploaded, we don’t recommend delta or incremental uploads.

Can you send my inventory to my website or Cycle Trader?

Yes. We do this with an FTP transfer with inventory data. At this time, photos may not be sent.

What other technology solutions does Blackpurl integrate with?

Blackpurl is proud to integrate with numerous industry-leading solutions to ensure that your team has the best tools for every job at the palm of their hands (literally). Check out some of our integrations below:

Quickbooks Online – Accounting 

Xero – Accounting

Shopify – eCommerce


Preferred Payments – Digital Payments 

What eCommerce solutions can you connect with?

Shopify: We offer a Shopify integration that will sync inventory and open orders in Blackpurl when placed in Shopify. It’s a thorough, best-in-class integration that is truly two ways.

What To Expect When Upgrading To Blackpurl

What does switching to Blackpurl look like?

Once you’ve decided to upgrade to Blackprul you will be given a  detailed outline highlighting the next steps of the process. Then an Activations specialist will reach out to you and review what needs to get done over the four-week period.

How long does it take to switch to Blackpurl?

On average, it takes dealers 4 weeks to go live with Blackpurl. The process largely depends on your dealership’s size and the amount of data you’re bringing over.

What training methods do you offer?

Blackpurl offers an online training academy with detailed videos and a knowledge base containing everything you need to get started.

What support options are available?

We offer a detailed Knowledge Base that you and your team can access 24/7. We also offer Live Chat, phone, and email support. 

To contact our support team call North America: (833) 382-1008 / AU: 1800 431 568 or email