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The Xero Accounting Integration

Xero accounting software is made for dealers that want more.​

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Update transactions within Blackpurl

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View your financials on any device

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Easily sync your systems

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Outsource Your Accounting

It’s easier to find a certified accountant who knows Xero than it is to find one who knows your DMS’s accounting software.

The benefit of using Xero means that you now have more choice of accountants, bookkeepers, or controllers which means more cost savings.

Plus with Xero being hosted in the cloud, your accountant won’t need to charge you for their travel time to the dealership.

Xero Accounting Details

Never Miss a Transaction

Every line of every transaction in Blackpurl is created in Xero instantly so you can keep your books straight with ease! 

Traceability Made Easy

All integrated transactions in Xero will have a link to the corresponding transaction in Blackpurl.  This means that with one click in Xero, you can see the transaction in Blackpurl.

Xero ReOpen Invoice

Made a Mistake?

Reopen the Customer Order invoice and modify the Customer Order as needed. 

When reopening Customer Order Invoices, the invoice is completely removed from Xero and once you have finished your modification and submitted a new Customer Order, Blackpurl will create all new transactions entries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Xero integration available for all Blackpurl users?

Yes, the Xero accounting integration is available for all Blackpurl users. 

What Xero plan is required for the integration?

You’ll need Xero’s Growing or Established plan to use the integration. 

Is there an additional cost to set up the Xero integration?

No, Blackpurl’s integration with Xero is included in your Blackpurl subscription.

How long does it take to set up the Xero integration?

The integration can be set up within 24 hours. During the activation process, your team lead will provide detailed documentation. 

See The Integration Live

Keep track of your parts, unit inventory, customers, vendors and, all of their associated transactions with Blackpurl’s Xero-certified accounting integration.