Blackpurl allows you to use Xero for your accounting

The Xero Accounting Integration

The combination of Xero and Blackpurl offers easier, more powerful functionality for dealerships than either traditional DMS software or retail software. Together, they are a fully integrated dealership management solution.

See how Xero and Blackpurl work together.

Using Blackpurl with Xero is seamless. Not only does Blackpurl sync journal entries as your team goes about their daily business, but invoices and bills push to Xero as well.

Make a mistake? A manager can quickly and cleanly reverse transactions. 

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Best-available Accounting

It’s not hard to find a certified accountant who knows Xero. So instead of making them learn a proprietary, outdated accounting system, Blackpurl allows them use mainstream accounting technology alongside the most convenient dealership management software. 

Blackpurl’s best-available integration with Xero makes this possible for today’s dealer.

With the combination of the two, you’ll save more and can access your financials from anywhere.

Xero Accounting Details

Never miss a transaction.

Every line of every transaction in Blackpurl is created in Xero instantly, so you can keep your books straight with ease. 

Switch between both platforms.

All synced transactions in Xero will have a link to the corresponding transaction in Blackpurl.  This means that with one click in Xero, you can see the transaction in Blackpurl.

Want to customize your chart of accounts? With Blackpurl’s best-available mapping capability, you can customize how the accounting works at your dealership.

Xero ReOpen Invoice

Make a mistake?

If someone makes a mistake on a customer transaction, a manager can quickly re-open the transaction using SmartReverse. Then, you can fix it and re-sync. The modifications reflect in both Blackpurl and Xero.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Xero accounting integration is available for all Blackpurl users. 

You’ll need Xero’s Growing or Established plan to use the integration. 

No, Blackpurl’s integration with Xero is included in your Blackpurl subscription.

The integration can be set up within 24 hours. During the activation process, your team lead will provide detailed documentation. 

See The Integration Live

Keep track of your parts, unit inventory, customers, vendors and, all of their associated transactions with Blackpurl’s Xero-certified accounting integration. 

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